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  1. I’d like to set it up on my own because it costs a lot to have it set up. I’m confused about DVR, NVR and all that stuff. What I need is CCTV that can be viewed and playbacked using an app.
  2. Timothy Love

    Choose a DVR?

    Typically, the answer is that Dahua cameras generally are for residential and small business installation due to affordability. Conversely, Hikvision cameras are usually used in larger businesses and commercial operations.
  3. Timothy Love

    New business need your help

    Social media is something to try
  4. Timothy Love

    What WiFi dashcam to buy today?

    Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2. A name-brand cam that won't clutter your windshield. Nexar Beam. Compact but also smart, with driver alert algorithms. Vantrue N4. Record three views at once in HD resolution or higher. Nextbase 622GW. A sleek, premium option with almost as many smart features as a phone.
  5. Timothy Love

    new member

    I am also a new member and excited to join.
  6. Timothy Love

    Set up camera

    Can you describe the specific difficulties you encountered?