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  1. hi Q. can hikvision poe ip cameras [with hikvision poe enabled nvr] be used two cameras over one cat5 wiring sequence 123 6 to each camera as below? camera 1 1 orange/white 2 orange 3 green/white 6green camera 2 1 blue/white 2 blue 3 brown/white 6 brown regards, gabriel
  2. tx @Integrator - you just saved me some bucks... depending how i look at it
  3. three newbie questions from a home user: i have a 16 channel nvr, cat5 running to 8 ip cameras, i need to add two existing analog cameras to the mix. can i use passive video/power/audio baluns at the camera ends to feed power and data via cat5 to them and will i be able to view their video/audio as per the other 8 ip cameras? will the analog video be ok for indoor home use? can i run wifi video data from a wifi camera to my nvr via a router? regards gabriel
  4. ggsmit

    one cat5 to 3 poe ip cameras?

    tx @Integrator , the cameras will be on a pole and within about 20cm of one another, so there should not be a problem. the nvr i will use is a 16ch poe enabled unit. i presume the 4 way poe switch will have to be next to the cameras.
  5. hi, as per subject 'one cat5 to 3 poe ip cameras?', can this be done... if so how? i'm new here, if this is a stupid question, please be gentle :-) regards gabriel