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    u need to take into consideration is that if you are using an extension cord, it should not be drawing more current than the wiring can handle Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
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  4. The only thing I'm having a problem with is the "create" option. If I give a new filename, as in hiktools.exe create digicap2.dav 525firmware it tells me "unable to open dav file". Nox Vidmate VLC
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  8. create a new digicap.dav file and install it and kept the changes. You were right iTuneDVR, it is easy to do this with just Windows, no Linux needed. Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
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    My father have got a floureon cctv box that runs 4 . 720 cameras from. I can't find a serial number and there's nothing on the box with any numbers helping me find out what box it is. Nox Vidmate VLC
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