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    Hi, I'm a first time poster and live in the UK. where I bought a Lorex system and have installed it myself. Connecting the Lorex home app etc. was a breeze and all worked well until the power outage. Being totally new to the world of cctv and I'm no spring chicken, I had a day and a half, reading, you tubing and blundering about trying to get remote access to work again. All worked fine on wifi though working out how the new router needs to be configured compounded the issue. We have no land line and use a Huawei B818_7A46 cube type router which seems to be compounding the issue as I can not find any information on how to set it up to port forward. Correct me if I'm wrong but the conclusion I have arrived at is my external (WAN?) IP address has changed so my remote access from my phone will not connect (although the system still sends my phone Alerts. I have just discovered that maybe I need to set up the DDNS, which I think converts an IP address to a Domain Name. Whenever I try to set up / log in to the Lorex one in the uk site it says continually "page not found" has anyone else had this issue, and how I get around it? I also tried to set up the DDNS page in network settings but it does not accept anything I put in and responds with "connected" if I put in my password or " check DDNS connections. Also, the router configuration also has a DDNS page, do I I need to set up one, the other or both? and can port forwarding be done on this router? sorry for so many questions but I know the answer must be simple because I accidentally got it working again on the first power outage. Any pointers gratefully received, thanks. Regards, Paul.