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  1. The CCTV system at work needs maintenance, and I'd like to see if I can try and reduce the rat's nest. As part of that, I'd like to condense the cabling as it gets back to the recorder. I have an idea for gradually combining (up to) 4 camera feeds on a single cat 5/5e cable, and would like to see what you guys think. One potential issue I could see is potential signal issues stemming from the difference in power cable length vs video. Hopefully the scan of my sketch makes sense. Quick rundown: each module with 2 1X8 screw terminal blocks, with jumpers in the middle, so I can: 1) inject video signal via balun, 2) have it pass through on to the next point, or 3) do nothing on select lines. The same modules would have 3 1x2 screw terminals that would receive power, split it, and then pass it on. On the receiving end, it would be a single 1x8 terminal block that would terminate the run, with the matching baluns at the DVR end of things. Equipment in use: Qsee HD DVR, up to 16 inputs, not that we even have that many functional cameras at this time. I am looking into wither just replacing the imaging sensors in them, or outright replacement. Any thoughts on that are appreciated. Thanks in advance!