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  1. 10 hours ago, tomcctv said:

    Hi. I will pm you a sellers details in USA 

    the reason why I surgest this unit is because it takes any camera available today upto 5mp but it also has the best app on the market for monitoring and it will also give you full control on your camera from anywhere 


    looking at your pictures it also has alarm outputs/inputs 

    we’re are you going to install this camera

    Home,  I have a 15 acre farm.   

  2. 1 hour ago, tomcctv said:

    Hi what part of the world are you in

    you don’t need an expensive one but I would go with a 4in1 5mp

    can you also post a picture of the wire connections …. I think by memory that is powered by 24v ac power supply





  3. 3 hours ago, tomcctv said:

    Hi at time of post your picture in both posts were not listed … they came 3hrs later …. As you can see in the quote button I used your picture was not there. 

    but to answer your question….. you have a very expensive camera …. It is either a pelco or a flur high zoom ptz with ir…. Usually used for high security locations or on ships

    you would only need a dvr recorder to use that camera 

    Ok,  where and what kind of dvr is needed??   

  4. Hello,  newbie here,   I'm looking for someone who can help me identify what cameras I have and what other equipment that I will need to get them up and running.   Thanks 


  5. Hello,  newbie here.  I'm looking for anyone who can help me identify what cameras I have and what other equipment I need to get them up and running.    Thanks