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  1. Jtortola

    Panasonic WJ-HD616 controller.

    Thanks for the help, It is a entire site complex. We have approximately 11 older controllers, mix between analogue \ IP cameras. I have identified this to management, and we are looking to eventually move to a new Eagle EYE setup, but want to enable a bridge before we get there. So we are looking to find a cheap alternative until we get there. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello and thanks for the help in advance. We have some older Panasonic CCTV controllers (WJ-HD616) that still run and have no plans on removing them for a while. With the removing of IE 11 to happen in Jan 2023, we will have no access to view through web browser. We do have a central location that has a full install of Panasonic security CCTV camera software so we are not dead in the water, but it is for management that access the controllers every once in a while through web that needs to be addressed. The cost for the Panasonic software is expensive a few thousand $ per install. Looking to see if there is any alternative, if someone has success for web browsing (Opera / firefox), I have tested but not done successfully as of yet..... Or if there is a software that is cheap that we can purchase and install. Any help would be great, Thanks so much!