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  1. Jtortola

    Exacq V setup differences.

    Thanks so much for the input. We have used Avigilon years ago, with negative comments from all on the system. We found it to be unavailable, always difficult to access and reboots a plenty for the client side and NVR at times. I am gathering that at that time (2011) install, that things from Avigilon have improved dramatically. I will take a second look at the product. I assume that you know CCTV (security) much better than I do, with your experience, what model of Avigilon would you be thinking of? Assuming that what I identified above is final. We will be using 3 months for storage, all operations will be from the manned 24hr location, but access VIA web or internal LAN \ WAN \ VPN. I just need a particular model just so that I can review and discuss possibly with contractors. Thanks again!
  2. Jtortola

    Exacq V setup differences.

    Thanks for the help, We have some experience with Exacq vision and it works well in our other locations, so we are looking at it. Plus, these are the recommendations that our contractors came back with. Panasonic seems to be on the outs with all contractors due to the complexity and being so propriety. We have other sites that are not manned and we use a external managed company for those site (Eagle Eye). But would be too expensive in this particular setup. This is a multi-use facility. We have a very large complex which consists of retail, 5 levels of parking, food services plus many business towers. We will be adding and apartment \ condominium complex in the next year. We currently have just over 200 cameras, looking to add additional coverage as we go. The total cameras that we will be using in the end will be 300+, we have a 24hr security management team at the location for operations. So we are looking for a good fit. With this, what are you thoughts on Exacq, Panasonic or any other brands with the numbers above? Thanks!
  3. Jtortola

    Exacq V setup differences.

    Thanks for this, I am a novice at CCTV spec and options, or what is considered (basic / advanced) when requiring a setup. I have the general items, but what would work the best and what should be the best for our environment is what I am trying to decipher, As I am looking to identify this, I have sales people who will tell us something, but there are truths and half truths. This will help me along my way. If there is anything else to add, please let me know. Cheers!
  4. Jtortola

    Exacq V setup differences.

    Hello, Looking to see if anyone can chime in on a comparison for the differences between 2 hardware scenarios. This is with a Exacq vision setup only. I have 2 options for hardware and software delivery: #1 - ExacqVision IP04-80T-R4A 64 channel NVR built in Pro software. #2 - Windows Servers with Exacq Pro Video Management software VMS build. What I am looking for for comparison is as follows: * Longevity: I have worked in the server enterprise side of things for many years, generally there is a specified time lapse to upgrade hardware etc. So generally we would upgrade server hardware every 5 - 7 years for servers, depending on priority. It seems that CCTV NVR's have a much longer mean time before that are swapped out. We have run, and still run old (VERY Old) Panasonic NVR's, going on 15+ years. With the 2 items above, can someone speak to the longevity for the Exacq NVR Longevity \ reliability? * Ease of use: Would anyone have any info of comments to differences between the 2 setups from a user perspective? I know that things such as hardware and behind the scenes of server management, etc. What I am asking is what about the user interface? Are the 2 setup's different? Or are the interface the same? Can they be setup to be the same? Would anyone know this? * Does anyone run (Exacq Pro Video Management software VMS) - If you do, can you speak to how well it works or any experiences that you have? Good or bad. Servers Will be Dell based servers with all specs covered for hardware requirements. I would suspect we would add additional MEM and disk space for Caching etc. We are looking to upgrade our current Panasonic NVR farm to Exacq V product, looking for some guidance. Thanks folks!
  5. Jtortola

    Panasonic WJ-HD616 controller.

    Thanks for the help, It is a entire site complex. We have approximately 11 older controllers, mix between analogue \ IP cameras. I have identified this to management, and we are looking to eventually move to a new Eagle EYE setup, but want to enable a bridge before we get there. So we are looking to find a cheap alternative until we get there. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hello and thanks for the help in advance. We have some older Panasonic CCTV controllers (WJ-HD616) that still run and have no plans on removing them for a while. With the removing of IE 11 to happen in Jan 2023, we will have no access to view through web browser. We do have a central location that has a full install of Panasonic security CCTV camera software so we are not dead in the water, but it is for management that access the controllers every once in a while through web that needs to be addressed. The cost for the Panasonic software is expensive a few thousand $ per install. Looking to see if there is any alternative, if someone has success for web browsing (Opera / firefox), I have tested but not done successfully as of yet..... Or if there is a software that is cheap that we can purchase and install. Any help would be great, Thanks so much!