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  1. Hoping someone can help with this, as I am completely stumped. My office building in Downtown Los Angeles has had a homeless RV parked alongside it for around six months (no, City will not remove it - I'm in LA!). A 20-something guy lives in it, fairly normal looking, keeps to himself mostly, cordial but quiet when engaged, but he has a lot of activity going on at night, music (some surprisingly good eclectic rap), people coming to his RV for short periods, etc. For sure something illegal is going on (no, police don't care, it's LA!). The RV is like out of Mad Max - all windows completely covered with wood, everything spray painted white, and four (4!!!) CCTV cameras (one in each corner) and two floodlight installed on the roof (he is stealing electricity from a streetlight, which is standard for homeless RV's in LA). I had several cameras out and an old CCTV system, so I decided to upgrade and replace the cameras with new higher resolution cameras (4mp) and a new DVR, and on Thursday of last week there was a CCTV technician climbing around my building doing the job (so clearly visible to RV-guy). This pic is the RV in the light of day. Here's a timeline of what happened with screenshots from my CCTV cameras (they are hardwired into a Magic DVR, 4 megapixel cameras, brand new). Sunday 5:24 PM: RV-guy is out next to RV for several minutes on his cell phone, then enters the RV. Here's a south-facing view from the targeted camera right before the first event: My driveway and loading door (I park inside the building) are in the foreground, between the beautiful agaves. A minute or so later, a car turns onto my block from the street in the background and proceeds to stop directly next to the targeted camera, between my driveway and the rear alley. Another camera, oriented northward and with a better view of the stopped car, shows something white inside the car, and I'm not sure if he's pointing something or if it is just the interior car display. Here's a screenshot of that: Six seconds after stopping, all nine of my cameras freeze completely, and they stay frozen for exactly 3 min 30 sec. On playback, it just shows the same still shot for that duration of time. On the DVR (I thought maybe they just disabled the WIFI), it just shows a blank area on the timestamp on the bottom. Then, when the cameras come back online, here's the view from the targeted camera: Suspiciously, the camera now only shows my driveway, and there is no view of the RV or what is going on around it. Then, two hours later, all of my cameras suddenly freeze again for just under three minutes. My other cameras pretty much monitor the entire perimeter of the building, and you can't see anyone coming or going in the preceding time period. They stay frozen for just under three minutes this time, and when they come back online, here is the new view from the targeted camera. The view is now completely blurry and you can't see anything, and it's been like that since Sunday evening. My thought/delusion is that they determined that the view of the driveway was still too invasive and wanted to completely eliminate the operational ability of the targeted camera. I discovered all of this last night, so this afternoon when I pulled up to the building, I parked in the driveway and did a thorough visual examination of the cameras, in full view of RV-guy's cameras. I then walked up to the RV, stared up at a camera, and shook my head. Three hours later, while RV-guy is entertaining his buddies at the RV, the targeted camera suddenly comes back to life and becomes perfectly focused, with the same field of view as before this whole fiasco began. I'm guessing he knew that I was onto him and changed things back somehow. The CCTV server was password protected and it wasn't 12345. No way he could have guessed it. So now I'm wondering what happened. I honestly don't think it is a conspiracy theory to believe that RV-guy somehow got his homies in the car to disable the camera documenting his activities, My CCTV technician said he thinks that I need a backup battery; it seems to me there are way too many coincidences to explain it away - only one camera was affected, and it happened to be the one pointing at the RV. And the car stopping deliberately next to the targeted camera. I also don't know what to do from here. This guy apparently has a way of disabling and enabling my CCTV system, which is.....bad. I'm hoping that someone on this forum could help out with an explanation or advice. Other than going to see a psychiatrist for delusional tendencies. If the footage would help, I can post that as well. Happy to answer any questions, but my technical knowledge is probably third grade level. Thank you in advance for anyone that made it this far!