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  1. There you go £14 according to Amazon and then you have to add an external 48V power adapter (another £12) so around £26/port. I have to admit I did miss that particular injector in my travels as by then I was probably fed up with researching such items (there are hundreds) as everyone turned out to be passive! So thanks for the tip if I ever want to power just one camera. Meanwhile still waiting for my poe switch to turn up that all being well is a more economical solution for multiple camera's.
  2. Could you post a link of an example of that as I was completely unable to find an active injector at that price please ?
  3. Well unfortunately that's where the fun starts! 99% of the products described as injectors that I examined turned out to be passive........ Active ones start at around £35 a port and I don't call that cheap. However I did find a handy little 4 port 10/100 switch with active POE for around £35 capable of delivering 40W across the 4 ports, plenty for simple camera's. Tp-link TL-SF1005LP here that will do me nicely for my existing 2 cams I measured at 6W each (with IR on) plus room to expand to another two.
  4. Many thanks for the reply, I had not realized it had been made so unnecessarily (IMOP) complex & expensive! So we have to spend $$$$ on power supplies instead of cheap & cheerful. OK if you have a poe nvr or switch but bad news if your installing a few standalone camera's on a router.
  5. According to the specs even simple camera's (e.g. RLW-8/510a) of <=15W require active poe ports. I find this hard to believe, camera's that have ptz and spotlights maybe. Has anybody used these simple cams on simple 802.3af passive ports ?
  6. Thanks for the replies, in the end I opted for Reolink RLC-810A 2.8mm This has a 1/2.49" sensor so not the best BUT it's POE 4K with IR, internal storage & "smart" movement detection so I am hoping it will meet my needs at least until something else comes along.
  7. Hi all. I am looking for a 4k external camera with >90deg fov with an SD card slot, wifi interface, night vision and smart movement detection. Dont need/want ptz or zoom. would love PIR! The object is to reduce cabling to a simple locally provided 12V only and not have any centralized NVR. I have found such cameras for 1080p but not much higher res.
  8. Hello everybody, I have come here to learn as I am considering installing a CCTV system around my home but have never had one before. Been lurking a while, seems a good place to learn 😀