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  1. bothwellbuyer

    Dahua HCVR5108HS-S3 gone faulty

    Fixed. The power adapter was only putting out 1.9v DC and not the 12Volts it should have been. New power adaptor and all fixed
  2. I installed the DVR in 2016, with 7 Dahua external cameras; and using DMSS to access the cameras whenever I was away. One camera has been giving problems which I found was a bad connection . This is the only fault I have had on the system (aside of another camera IR being faulty) In the past 8 weeks, I've not managed to get access to the cameras via DMSS as it showed the camera loading and then saying connection failed at 97%. I've been stuck at home due to after effects of having Covid so just got round to checking DVR and its output to the screen attached by HDMI cable. The screen shows a 'no video input' message. I had a look at the DVR and cable connections seem tight enough. Power off and back on and no change. No video coming through. The only thing I am getting is a flashing blue light on the front power led of the DVR. Any ideas - is the plug in power knackered? The power and fuse box for the cameras show power is going out to each camera. I fitted a large 6TB disc to the DVR which has been working ok, but am aware these things start going faulty around 5+ years old. Could tht be it? Just not sure what I should be testing or checking.
  3. I'm happy to have found this forum....had asked a question on what is, I found, an India based facebook group regarding a fault; but haven't accepted my membership yet, lol. I have a couple of faults on my cctv system which I'll ask on the appropriate place.