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  1. jakenewton

    oyn-x recorder

    Sorry still not logged in 😒 I just have the screen connected to the hdmi output on the CCTV system - I don't have remote viewing configured. Tried the above numbers but they didn't work (locked out after a couple of incorrect attempts, but restarting it let me try some more).
  2. jakenewton

    oyn-x recorder

    No joy unfortunately...when I enter that it just says 'invalid password'. I left it turned off for half an hour before powering back on.
  3. jakenewton

    oyn-x recorder

    It's 26-01-2023 12:21:39 Thu
  4. jakenewton

    oyn-x recorder

    Thanks @tomcctv, have tried those options but no joy.
  5. jakenewton

    oyn-x recorder

    Our one doesn't seem to have a password reset button for some reason.
  6. jakenewton

    oyn-x recorder

    Hello @tomcctv, thanks for the quick response. Premises are in Stoke on Trent, UK and here's the picture of what comes up when we try to access the menu:
  7. jakenewton

    oyn-x recorder

    Hello, I have an OYN-X ATL-IO-16CASE at our new business premises but I don't have the password. Are you able to provide a temporary password for this? Many thanks in advance. @tomcctv - be very glad of your help!