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  1. Mike847382

    oyn-x recorder

    Hi @tomcctv, Sorry for the delay, I have been onsite for the last week. I have a new code for today if you could kindly help? Thanks, Mike
  2. Mike847382

    oyn-x recorder

    Thanks @tomcctv I will give it a try today.
  3. Mike847382

    oyn-x recorder

    Morning Tom, Here's the attached info for this morning. Many thanks, Mike
  4. Mike847382

    oyn-x recorder

    No cardboard, I'm glad they sparked a memory (good ones I hope haha). I will take a screenshot first thing in the morning for you. Many thanks for your help Tom. Thanks, Mike
  5. Mike847382

    oyn-x recorder

    Sorry I knocked the power when seeing if there was an internal reset switch. New Dynamic screen is:
  6. Mike847382

    oyn-x recorder

    Hi @tomcctv, I also need the dynamic password for my 3510D I'm based in Manchester UK. Attached is the screenshot.