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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. Not really a big deal to setup again, just wanted to know if this was normal or not. It is a generic DVR without markings. I'm guessing the only thing that is saved on the motherboard is the simple 4-digit password but all settings otherwise were on the HDD.
  2. With respect to an older standalone CCTV DVR from around 2010,: Anyone every have to reconfigure the recording settings after replacing the units HDD? It seems to revert to a factory default when a new HDD is installed? Is this normal?
  3. Does this work for a GVR-500V by any chance? I've posted about that model previously.
  4. What is the name of the software you are using?
  5. Any idea what information the watermark or electronic signature contains? The video player just gives a blue screen on this data. Any chance it might be used to log system information, for example logins, reboots or system configuration settings in use?
  6. Hello, In general what information might a CCTV Standalone DVR write to the HDD for video input channels that are disconnected? I have a old (mid 2000s) DVR where 2 of 4 channels were actively recording video, on the missing channels there is some metadata stored to the HDD. The metadata does not decode to a video or an image (shows as blue screen in the player). When all four inputs are disconnected and the DVR continues to record there are four sets of this metadata (all four channel show blue screen on the player). I'm thinking it is part of an overlay feature mentioned in the mainboard ASIC specs but the DVR manual makes no mention about overlays. The metadata is identical across the full 2 or 3 days of recordings that exist on the HDD. Any thoughts about the meaning or purpose of this metadata? Thanks
  7. svaljak

    Konig SEC-DVR210 recorder?

    I'm doing a study relating to the MJPEG ASIC that I believe is used by this product and it would be helpful to be able to test with this particular DVR. If you do have it can you post a picture of the motherboard? Looking for an NVP3000 here?
  8. If anyone is familiar with hardware architecture of CCTV boards designed in the late 2000s, I'm trying to find products that were based on the Nextchip ASIC NVP3000. I'm looking at the proprietary HDD file system related to his device which is long obsolete. Any additional information would be very helpful to an ongoing study related to this particular device and DVRs that were designed using it. GVR-500V and Konig SEC-DVR210 are recorders I am aware of.
  9. If anyone has one of these and is interested in selling it , let me know. Thanks
  10. If anyone has a 8CH or 16CH DVR rather than the 4CH unit discussed, please let me know. These are almost certainly in a junk pile and not in use. No one one is even selling these online anymore they are so old. I think the part numbers for 8CH and 16CH are simply GVR-800V and GVR-1600V? Also, if anyone ever recalls owning one of these I'd love to know if you were able to access it remotely to view your cameras or to change the DVR settings?
  11. hi, I've sent you a message.
  12. Attaching a picture of the GVR-500V.
  13. A user manual is found here, picture on page 8: It is a standalone DVR, not a card. https://www.totalsecuritynh.com/FTP/DVR_Software/GVR_SERIES/GVR500/GVR500_Manual_V1.2.pdf
  14. Anyone have this old DVR hardware? No other markings are on the unit, the model = GVR-500V. Originally from around 2008 and based on MJPEG only. Looks like the same or similar was sold in Europe as VTV-B-1104, I'd be interested in getting either model.