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    GV600V1 and NForce4 MB

    I've used my GV600-8 for a number of years in an A7N8X (NForce-2) MB without any problem. A lightning strike fried one port on the card, but it kept on ticking. The PC finally died two years after the lighting strike of unrelated causes. So I upgraded to an NForce4 MB (A8N SLI Premium), but now I'm getting the dreaded 'Can't find KeyPro' error. This was a fresh install of W2K so old drivers should not be an issue. I've been through the uninstall hoops I've seen posted and the drivers look fine. I'll likely try one more time, but I don't think that's the issue. I almost think the dongle might be the problem, but I can't imagine why. It was never an issue before. I was thinking of upgrading to a 1240, but I don't think this will solve my issue with this board. Although I did not think the new boards had a dongle. I'd rather get the old card working before moving to a new card. Will the card work in an Intel P35 MB, something like a Gigabyte P35-DS3R? I hate to upgrade again (I already had the NF4 MB), but it may be the only option.
  2. Just_Bill

    NV6240 w AMD (Opteron 185)

    I recently upgraded my Security PC to an NForce4 MB, but my ailing GeoVision card did not like it. Since I was going to upgrade the Geovision card anyway, I decided to try an AverMedia 6240. Assuming my ASUS/AMD board get along with the 6240, what kind of performance hit can I expect? I gather from reading between the lines that the AverMedia software is tweaked for the Intel CPUs. So even though my Opteron is a fast dual core, it may suck? I'll probably go with the Intel 6600 eventually, but if I can rest may bank account for a few months, that would be OK too.