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  1. MikeBrooklyn

    Lorex Operating System / Firmware

    From my experience, DVR systems often have the operating system installed directly on the circuit board, separate from the hard drive. Reinstalling the OS or firmware from a USB stick is typically possible and can sometimes resolve such startup problems. Make sure to check the manufacturer's website for specific instructions or firmware downloads. They usually provide detailed steps on how to create a bootable USB with the necessary files. It's a bit technical, but following their guidance step-by-step should help get your Lorex DVR up and running smoothly again.
  2. MikeBrooklyn

    Lorex Operating System / Firmware

    The best operating system for a DVR depends on the specific needs and requirements of the user. However, many users prefer to use Linux-based operating systems for their DVRs due to their stability, security, and flexibility. Some popular Linux-based operating systems for DVRs include Zoneminder, MotionEyeOS, and Shinobi. These operating systems are free and open-source, and offer a range of features. For computers, the best operating system is Windows. A license can be bought cheaply using reddit windows keys. By paying a little money, you will get all the benefits developed by Microsoft.