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  1. Hi there, I have a samsung sch-750 analog camera that I would like to control from a PC. The manual is not very clear on what protocol the camera is using. Also, it kind of contradict itself about if its using rs-485 or rs-232. I've joined some screenshot attachments from the manual. The manual specify the RS-485 configuration(parity,data bit ect...) and then remote pinout seems to be for rs232 because of the TX and RX(see first image). RS-485 pinout is usually a+ b- not TX RX. To had to the confusion, in the specs , it say : RS-232C -> Built-in(see second image). Lastly, they provide a table with different command without specifying the protocol(see third image). I've checked on the web and does not look like pelco-D protocol. So my questions are: -Should I connect the camera to a rs-232 or rs-485 usb dongle? -Could tell me what protocol is being used (pelco-D , pelco-P ect...) if you recognize it? Thanks for your help.