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    When it comes to positioning IP cameras in a classroom, there are a few factors to consider. The goal is to find a position that allows you to monitor both the teacher and students, while also respecting privacy and creating a safe and comfortable learning environment. Position the cameras at the front of the classroom: Placing the camera at the front of the classroom allows you to capture a clear view of both the teacher and the students. This is particularly important for monitoring activities like lectures, discussions, and group work. Avoid placing cameras directly behind students: While it may be tempting to place cameras at the back of the classroom to capture a wider view, this can be intrusive and make students uncomfortable. Instead, position cameras in a way that captures the overall view of the classroom without focusing too much on individual students. Consider placing cameras on the sides: Depending on the layout of the classroom, you may find that placing cameras on the sides provides a better view of both the teacher and students. This can be particularly useful if the classroom is wide or if there are multiple sections that need to be monitored.
  2. Based on the information you have provided, it seems like the issue might be related to the NVR software or the configuration settings. Here are some suggestions that might help to troubleshoot the problem: Check the NVR settings: Check if the NVR is set up to display all cameras simultaneously. Ensure that the display settings are configured correctly to show all the cameras on the monitor. Also, check if there is any option to refresh or reload the camera views on the monitor. Check the camera connections: Verify if all cameras are connected properly to the NVR and the network. Check if there are any loose connections or cable issues that might cause intermittent connectivity issues.