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  1. dernio

    Honeywell HQA mobile apps

    Solid App Just Needs Some Tweaks Honeywell, please help! I switched from iPhone to Android and realized the button layout is very different. - In portrait, there is no button to switch to 4, 9, 16 cameras - In portrait, there is no button to for real-time playback, I actually don't see it for landscape either Honeywell, you are a solid company. Please consider making these adjustments. Most people try to efficiently operate their phone in portrait. The lack of these buttons is a major issue. snaptube vidmate
  2. ed 404 dvr firmware not found please help.
  3. dernio

    Remote viewing qvis system

    Hi, this doesnt work recently I have bought 2pcs 8ch dvr 2mp tvi, so both of them doesn't work with any kind of android apps that I have tried. Cloud or static ip address both doesnt work. snaptube vidmate
  4. dernio

    apollo DVR help

    I have so much wanted to record streams, and not just Over The Air.
  5. This isn't just a Los Angeles issue.. I see it happening in Anchorage, Alaska as well. Homelessness is an INCREASING problem happening across the United States. Rent is increasing along with everything else & it's getting harder and harder for people to get out a financial slump once you get in it. 192.168.1
  6. Specific questions for you who have more practical knowledge about SWIFI-CAM cameras: How can I unlink a Swann SWIFI-CAM Wire-Free Wireless camera from the account it was created with? snaptube vidmate