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    Open Source Software for DVRs Integration

    Would anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!
  2. Marcelo Rodrigues

    Open Source Software for DVRs Integration

    Hi Tom This is my DVRs model: (Sorry it's in Portuguese, but I think you will be able to read the specs) https://www.tecvoz.com.br/seguranca-eletronica/gravadores/Stand-Alone-Hibrido-S-T1-SHY16 This is the software: https://novidades.seventh.com.br/d-guard Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi! In our school we have around 40 analog cameras connected to 3 DVRs. The 3 DVRs are connected to a server running an integration software with web interface, so parents and school staff can monitor the kids and general activities. The system uses TCP/IP. The problem is we need to buy a new license for the integration software and it's incredible expensive. Would anyone recommend an open source (or non expensive) solution for that integration? We don't need recording since the DVRs are recording locally. Thank you!