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  1. I will probably pick up an NVR for the time being, just to get something up and running but the cameras also have SD slots which will allow for a few days of footage at least in the event my system fails. I was looking for something more akin to EagleEye, where a bridge would be installed to upload the footage to a server but instead of using someone else's, I would use mine. The site-to-site VPN sounds promising, I'm just still unsure of what VMS could be used.
  2. I have a building that I would like to install some cameras on. This building is located in another town but it does have internet access available. I have a few extra reolink cameras, and I have a server at home that I would like to record to. What I'm struggling with is finding what kind of VMS to use to connect to the cameras on my server. Ideally, I'd prefer to stay away from any subscription based software but I am alright with paying for something. I was looking at Shinobi or Zoneminder, from what I can tell they might be what I'm looking for. One other thing I would like to do would have another viewer at this building that can connect to a tv to just view a live feed of the cameras. If there is also an app that can be installed would be great, one where you can view the live feed but not touch the recordings. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated