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  1. Do you know of any vendor in the States?
  2. Thanks! I’m in the Pacific Northwest
  3. Still looking for recommendations. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Hey there. I am in the US. I think the 8 drops is enough for me as some of them were used by the previous tenant to monitor their staff and my intent is to repurpose those ports on the NVR for more external security focused tasks.
  5. Hey there. I have an 8 camera POE Lorex LNR380 system I inherited with the space I am renting for my business. The system is dead and it is most likely the power supply (I tried a different hard drive and it still is just stuck at the Logo screen). I'm thinking of just upgrading to a better NVR and then slowly when I have time go upgrade the cameras to a higher resolution. Can someone recommend a good replacement NVR that is compatible with the installed Lorex cameras?