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  1. creakyislands

    Can’t find a compatible DVR

    I’m trying to integrate into home assistant so I can move away from the 3rd party cloud app. Based in the UK
  2. creakyislands

    Can’t find a compatible DVR

    Does anyone have any suggestions? These are the cameras but I can get close to check the brand. IMG_1440.pdf
  3. creakyislands

    Can’t find a compatible DVR

    Image of the DVR below:
  4. Hi all, I’m trying to upgrade my DVR on our CCTV system as I want to be able to: a) view RSTP feeds outside of the DVR unit (I’ve done a scan of ports on the DVR and none are showing RSTP streams); and b) move away from a random app for viewing feeds remotely (currently runs on EseeCloud app) Currently my DVR is a ViperPro 5 in 1 Hybrid DVR model BH104-H which I can’t find any information about online other than in relation to the remote streaming software which is found on dvr163.com (but doesn’t have any reference to my model). Unfortunately I can’t access the cameras myself as they are installed too high for me to get to. I purchased a Sannce DVR as a replacement but it wouldn’t recognise the camera feeds and the company I purchased it from have said there are no DVRs that are compatible with my cameras (although not sure if that just means they don’t sell any). They did mention that the DVR isn’t ONVIF compatible but not sure if that makes any difference. I’ve attached two screenshots from the DVR unit showing camera settings. Wondering if anyone can help?