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  1. Ah right, no worries. I haven't tried a local connection. Will be on site tomorrow as I need to revert back to the static IP addresses to get everything back online in IVMS 4200 at the head office. Will try one of them then.
  2. About 60 cameras in total. In the Hik-connect app on the phone if you select Add/manual adding/IP Domain, allows direct adding as you would have on IVMS4500. Although we are part of the Island of Ireland we are part of the UK and under the UK government not Irish government.
  3. Based in UK (Northern Ireland) I don't understand why the app won't even hold the manually added IP login details. I'm just really lucky I have a very understanding customer.
  4. Hi all. I'm after some advice. I have a customer that has 6 sites. For the last number of years we have connected to the sites using static IP on IVMS 4500 Via staff phones and other than the odd hiccup all has went relatively smoothly (until recently) At the end of last year we added another site which did not have a static IP so used Hik-Connect and all worked well. Over the last few months as phones have been upgraded and IVMS 4500 being no longer available we moved to the Hik connect app and this is where the problems began. First of all I added the sites to Hik-connect manually using IP/Domain and the sites came online without a problem but within a couple of days they disappeared from the app. I then added the sites to the app using Hik-connect enabled and used the serial numbers of the DVR.s along with the verification codes but again with a few days they had vanished from my list of sites in the device management section of Hik-Connect on the PC. After discussing the problem with Hik vision support via my local supplier The hik vision tech support guy said that all the DVR's needed to be factory reset and then set up on the app by scanning the QR code. Yesterday I visited the sites, reset the recorders to factory default and added each site by scanning the QR code. All worked great until this morning when I opened the app all the sites I added yesterday have gone again. The only site that has stayed active is the first I added to Hik-Connect at the end of last year. Has anyone had problems with loosing sites from the app in the past and if so have you found a solution ? Thanks in advance.