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  1. maysani

    out put from BNC to TV

    many thank for the help. the DVR is currently connected to 4 CCTV cameras and displaying a clear picture via vga interface. what i an trying to achieve is to get the DVR V-out (BNC) working so that i can feed the signal to my home TV cabling network so that i can connect a tv on the other side of the house (a way from the DVR) to see the image from 4 cameras. is there a way to achieve this?
  2. please bear with me I am new to this forum and hoping that I am posting this in the right place my DVR type is a HD-Vision and has 3 outputs; VGA, HDMI and V-out (BNC) I appreciate help with the following; the HDMI is not working when connected top a TV or monitor and I do not know when, any help would be highly appreciated. when I connect V-out(BNC) via normal TV Cable from the DRV to my TV I get no signal , I do not know why?