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  1. I'll swap them over. Wouldnt be able to get long power cables dropped in where the new cameras are going
  2. Ok thanks. Had given supplier my pvr unit and told me they were compatible. I'll return them and look for poc Thanks
  3. I have a DS-7216HUHI-K2 / P hikvision 16 4k channel pvr. At present I have 9 PoC cameras connected (with all 16 ports enabled) to the system. I wanted to add 2 more but am struggling. Ive created new leads from the same cable, and bought in pre made leads, but the cameras are never detected or come on. I'm not sure if the new cameras need to be enabled, switched on etc to make work? Or if there is only specific cameras that work. I've tried x3 different camera models and none worked THC-T250 5MP 2.8mm Turbo HDTHC-T250 5MP 2.8mm Turbo HDUHD 4K 8MP DS-2CE78U1T-IT3F UK Is there a specific camera that works with this pvr or is there something I'm missing in the setup to enable the cameras?