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  1. I have a KGuard H.264 SHA-108v2 DVR with 6 cameras attached and displaying on an in-house monitor (ie no remote/web access). They all work fine during the day, but at approx 9pm every night, three of them no longer display/record..and then, without any intervention, they come back on again at approx 05:30am next day. There's no obvious issue with power supply to the affected cameras (eg no timers on the electricity supply and the infra-red LEDS on the cameras are still on), no-one else has access to the DVR and I can't find any timer-related settings for the individual cameras or the DVR. Can anyone offer any suggestions re cause and solution? Also, is there any way that the OSD can be set to switch to full screen when motion is detected on one of the cameras, rather than having the grid display? It works in full screen for each camera when set in 'camera rotate' mode. Thanks in anticipation Mike