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  1. Sorry, - Both Recorders are Model # LV-N9808C8E
  2. tomcctv, I purchased 2 LaView (Hikvision Rebranded I believe) Model LV-N9808C8E NVRs at an estate sale... both systems had been opened and powered on (requiring that a password be created), and I believe that one of them had been installed to the extent that 3 of the 6 included cameras had been connected to the recorder. The original owner is now deceased and no one associated with him has any idea what the admin password was set to for either recorder. In looking at the Hikvision and LaView reset process, they require submitting the same information or an xml file and appear to be the same. LaView tech support has so far been less than effective as I have submitted the info for the 1st recorder 3 times and still have not received a reply that contained a password or xml file to reset the recorder. Do you have the capability to provide a reset code or xml file for a LaView NVR? If so, I have included the Model #, Serial # from the hidden screen and the System Date and Time for both recorders. I can also extract the XML files from each recorder with SADP if that would be of help to you. Recorder # 1: System Date & Time: 01-01-2004 Thu 19:24 Device Serial 0820171229AARR159080654WCVU Recorder #2: System Date & Time: 05-06-2023 Mon 23:51 Device Serial # 0820160719AARR626046124WCVU Thank you for any assistance that you can offer. Respectfully, M.R. Wilson