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  1. Hello, I bought DH-HAC-HDW2802T-A cameras and XVR Dahua recorder and i set everything up but audio doesn't work. I am currently using video baluns (video audio and power) with cat5e. I put the audio connector into video in Channel 1 and the video BNC to Channel 1 too. In the DVR settings I went to Encode/ Main stream/More/ and turn "on" audio. Compression is "G.711A" and the audio source is "Local". (When the Video and audio is connected to DVR corresponding video channel, the option "HDCVI" under audio source for that channel is missing. If I take off the connectors, the "HDCVI" option returns) I also turned on "Live Audio" and turn the volume to 100% on DISPLAY setting. I can't hear any live audio when i click into channel 1, am I doing something wrong?