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    Use NVR as WLAN Acess Point

    Hello, I have a cheap NVR System from Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/gp/aw/d/B07FDWK62V wich works pretty great. I have put the Cameras around the corners of my barn (I'm a farmer) with the NVR beeing kind of in the middle of everything. It is connected to my Home network/internet via an ethernet cable that comes from a D-Lan Adapter plugged into a socket. The Cams connect wirelessly to the Recorder, only needing AC power. Recently I have noticed that the NVR emmits its own WLAN network (I was surprised that SSID broadcast is enabled with no way to disable it). So, thats the situation. Now to my mind boggling question: With the NVR beeing so favouritely placed in the middle of my barn, is there any way that I can use its WLAN to connect my phone to the internet? Of course I tried already, putting my phone [] to the same IP range, I binded my NVR [] to, in my home router []. This way I can connect to the WLAN of the Recorder, but exept for its web page, I cant reach or ping anything else. Not the IP Cams connected to the NVR (wich I also set to be in the same IP range [] - [] in the settings of the Recorder) nor anything on my home Network. As a side note: In my Home Router i do of course see the NVR, but not the IP Cams. Odd. Maybe what I try to do is impossible. But I do not get why and its driving me crazy. Thanks for helping!! :-)