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    Dahua NVR-4204-P hard reset

    Hi all I was able to resolve this issue. The way to fix this is: Get RS232 cable -> usb and connect to laptop. Use putty or similar terminal client on windows, baud 115200. When starting the DVR, hit *** before it boots to the kernel. Then you are in the bootloader software. Then type "eracfg", this command deletes the configuration. When finished, reboot the DVR and it should be factory fresh, and allow setting of new password and setting, NOTE: all settings will be deleted.
  2. Hi all, I have a Dahua NVR-4204-P, that is installed in our office, a few years ago. We need to login to it, but nobody knows the password and/or recovery e-mail address. I already opened the unit to look for a reset button/jumper or pins to short, but cannot find anything. Also the passcode calculators dont seem to work. Can anyone help? Attached is an image of the board