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  1. Most of the times I´ve had similar problems the solution was to set up the dyndns updater directly in the router not the DVR
  2. Check the ActiveX controls in IE under tools->internet options->security->custom level, if any is disabled change it to “prompt” or “enable” if that option is no available.
  3. And the benefit of accessing the DVRs through a networked PC via Logmein, as opposed to directly using Video Viewer in the remote PC to connect to the DVRs would be? (Besides obviating the need to install Video viewer in the remote PC)
  4. When you backup a file directly from the DVR to a USB stick, does it include the player or some .exe file or just the .264 file? You could also explore the contents of the CD and look for the codec, sometimes it can be manually installed into the PC and allow it to recognize the proprietary format without actually installing the full software.
  5. Thank you for the response, I do know that you can do that with video viewer, but I was looking for something more flexible that would allow me to select which channels of a specific DVR to integrate into the same screen along with other DVRs I’m afraid you lost me with the part about Logmein, I do know what that is, and I even use it for remote maintenance of some PC based DVR systems, but I don’t know how to use it for this specific situation.
  6. Hi, does anybody know of a third-party software that would enable me to integrate several CPCam/Avtech DRVs into one remote video monitoring session in the same screen? All the DVRs are the same model.