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    DVR Webclient update

    Hello, I found this dated thread interesting because I am experiencing a similar issue: I've got an old DVR with 8 cabled cameras. The system works well, but if there is a power cut, it lose the Day and Time. This is important because when the electricity comes back, it sets Day and Time to some day in 2005 and it lose all previous recordings on HD To avoid the above, I provided an UPS before the DVR, at least it should not reset Day and Time. However it remains very important to be able to access remotely (via internet) the configuration of the DVR. I have already opened a door via Port Forwarding, but when I type the IP address of the DVR I get exactly the message reported in the thread above: "please click icon to upgrade WebkitPlugin". I have tried to download Firefox ESR but I am afraid it is too dated and not available any longer. Can you suggest an alternative solution? Thanks a lot, Ciu