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  1. Greedy

    Surveillance system cameras

    I see that you quoted me on a system, or at least it appears that way to me, however I can’t seem to find the quote, possibly because I don’t know how. 🤷‍♂️ lol
  2. Greedy

    Surveillance system cameras

    I would need 8 cameras and 50’ of cord would work on 6 of them, but I would need 75’ I think, on the other 2 cameras. I need to measure for those two. I live in Kilgore, Texas and my budget is flexible. Would $800 - $1000 get me a good complete system? I want something with good resolution and no snow in picture at night. I’m looking for the best, if I can afford. I would love for it to have a broader area of coverage than the on I have, and be able to identify a person at 150’ or so, by zooming. Does any take color at night? Hoping to get the best for the money, and it not go obsolete like the one I have now. I’ve read up on some, but don’t understand a lot of the tech language. please help me to have the knowledge to purchase myself the best system I can. As far as affordability, I still can be flexible with the price I have stated, as long as it has something that you could explain to me, that would make it worth the extra money. I believe you can help me do the best purchase for the money paid. Please do that if you can, and if you need my number, just ask. Thank you, very much, for your, much appreciated, help! Al
  3. Greedy

    Surveillance system cameras

    I understand, however it is the system I currently have up. What would be the best system, not terribly expensive, for me to replace the one I have? Also, what all would I need to get, or is there a package deal for the complete system. This is for my home, and if I’m to replace, I want something good with good resolution in the day and night. This system is fair during the day and terrible (snowy B/W and night. You obviously know more than I, so if you could help with my choice of replacement, I would appreciate it, very much. Thanx
  4. Greedy

    Surveillance system cameras

    I want to buy two outdoor cameras for my Samsung SDE-4001 surveillance system, including two (2) 75’ cords