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  1. I've got a client who needs to replace a couple of items attached to their Facility Commander (older GE version) and I need a tech who can consult (for a fee of course). Too large and no money to upgrade everything at this time. Please contact me offline at: John 619-690-4428
  2. I understand you can use a weigand reader, but doesn't this take a another board for conversion from weigand to their proprietary format?
  3. I got a client ho still has Facility Commander running on Ge-Rusco-Lenel System with a bunch of GE940 prox readers. They ned to replace about 5 of the 2"x4" readers and about 10 of the smaller 1.5" 2.5" readers. Are these standard readers? Weigan? Can I use HID, AWID? Any special part numbers? Thanx a bunch! John Berry Lantex Voice & Data Systems San Diego, CA 877-4-LANTEX
  4. jonnybb1

    Linux - Access Control Software

    The DYI project looks promising! I hope there will soon be something like Asterisk for Access Control (or something close). I guess I just assumed there would be more open-source software to build your own telephone entry system, alarm system, or similar project for the RaspberryPI boards.
  5. Looking for some open-source software to test for Access control in a linux platform. I want to use this in single & multi-family environments. Should be able to display, track, control users and have some sort of telephone entry module. Any ideas? John B San Diego, Ca Lantex Voice & Data Systems
  6. jonnybb1

    AVS / Uriel Systems Website Hacked!!

    The only reason one OS is more secure than another is due to it's popularity among hackers...
  7. jonnybb1

    So what laptops are you guys using now?

    Yeah, Vista is a POS when it comes to being on a technician's laptop. Try Dell to see if they still have XP laptops with fast processors and over sized hard drives instead...
  8. jonnybb1

    anyone ever usaed a "SLINGBOX" to watch tv??

    SlingBox is a decent consumer product.
  9. jonnybb1

    Witness Protection? Not quite ..

    Well it just goes to show that crime doesn't pay...
  10. jonnybb1

    Sharpen your pencils!!

    And it probably comes from Graybar, made by Allentell, who gets them from China...
  11. jonnybb1

    Why does tag [img] not work?

  12. jonnybb1

    Robbery .. hand held camera

    That's a good one!
  13. jonnybb1


    I live in San Diego and know where that place is. I am surprised they are using such antiquated equipment!
  14. jonnybb1

    XP Embedded wifi phone

    Don't bother with Microsoft... Linux!
  15. jonnybb1

    Stuck in an elevator for 41 hours!

    Where's the emergency phone?