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  1. flexpackman

    Avermedia Android App

    Your right on target with this application. I could not believe the number of systems and cameras supported. Thanks again for pointing it out!
  2. flexpackman

    Avermedia Android App

    Thanks! The NV5000 is what I'm running also. Just installed the free version and looks very likely I'll be getting the full version!
  3. flexpackman

    Avermedia Android App

    Wow! At least their is an app for it! Working fairly well on an original Motorola Droid..... Hadn't been here in awhile. I mainly read... My second post....
  4. flexpackman

    What's the best DVR board to get between $150 and $300?

    kujo999 You need to enable the card in the "Scheduler" as to what days/weeks/all. I set puzzled for an hour on this Friday for the same thing.....