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  1. liveeyevideo

    DTT Surveillance LA

    Hi all, does anyone know much about the above company in particular the SmartAUDIT service such as pricing plans for the weekly reports. Is any other company offering surveillance reports? And how this model would work. Thanks heaps
  2. liveeyevideo

    new member from sydney

    I just jumped straight in started posting and forgot to come back here for a look at who posted. Yes it was a funny add line done by one of our local beauties. Would love to show her to you all and the add but dont think I can post a link yet. Anyone know the answer to my coolroom question?
  3. Does anyone know if it is possible to place a camera in a coolroom. My client is loosing stock continually from staff and they have asked for a camera to be installed????!!!
  4. I am currently rolling out a 65 chain retail food store and am using Hikvision 8004 HSI S DVR. AS the client wants to integrate their Micros 2010 POS Workstations I need to supply a 3rd party POS text overlay product into the loop as Hikvision are pretty lite on POS integration. Can anyone suggest some quality vendors with a decent product at a great dealer price that will integrate easily with this system Thanks Roger
  5. liveeyevideo

    new member from sydney

    Hello ppls. I have been reading the threads on here for some time and have learnt heaps. When the manufacturer doesnt know this is where i come so i thought I should join and get real answers from real front line colleagues. Relatively new and as you would expect going through a rather large learning curve. Love the business. Roger