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  1. G22

    CCTV Monitor Question

    ru speekin greek or whaaaa?
  2. G22

    RG6 Siamese

    No problem. If that is the case then (not to remove foil), it will make my life much much easier. When I replaced some of my old 'screw-on' connections with new RG6 'Snap N Seal' connections on my Bell TV RG6 cables, it was taking me like 5-10 minutes sometimes to change each connector So, the current question is... does RG6 'CCTV' coax have the foil as well? I guess it does not matter really, since it would appear (as above) it does not have to be removed anyway, but just curious.
  3. G22

    RG6 Siamese

    Good grief man. Someone who speaks/writes fluent Englush please respond to exactly what the case is here in re to RG6 used for 'satellite/digital cable TV' (and also whether RG6 used for 'CCTV' has the same foil or not) please and thank you.
  4. G22

    RG6 Siamese

    Braid and foil are your ground and shield Why do u want to remove ? eh? I never said anything about removing the braiding. I always fold it back. And in regards to the foil... I cut it off from the exposed white core. We are talking about 'SATELLITE RG6' here though, not 'CCTV RG6' . Everyone seems to cut the foil off. And from the sounds of it... 'CCTV RG6' does not have the foil in the middle (just braiding).
  5. G22

    RG6 Siamese

    Why are u trying to get foil off ? Aren't you supposed to remove the foil for Satellite TV installs?
  6. I picked up some Thomas and Bett 'SNS' BNC connectors and compress tool (expensive for a simple compress tool). The BNC connectors are for RG6 however. Where can I get some decent black RG6 Siamese in a pull box? The RG6/U I have now seems to be for satellite/digital (foil around white core, and alum braiding). The foil is a pain to get off.
  7. At present I have a Pano 17" CRT monitor (WV-CM1780) and don't feel like running another coax line to where the monitor will be. I already have an extra CAT5 cable though. Can I use 1 pair of wires for the spot monitor (using a balun) and the remaining 3-pairs for my Pano PS-DATA System Controller (WV-CU360C)? I believe it will only use 3 pair of wires from the CAT5. What about interference? Thx.
  8. ok, so who has an M12D cheap for me to test? Keep in mind I will have to sell some of my Pano stuff and prob a gun or two to fund it. I like how the alien looking 'V12' says it can resist the attack from handguns. LOL. Another question, how good is motion detection? I mean if someone vandalizes my car fifty feet away down the driveway for example (b/c one of these M12's would be in the back yard on the front of the garage facing down the driveway)... is the camera going to detect the motion?
  9. Curious, how do you access and view the Mobotix vids on a NAS? Just FTP into the NAS, and download avi's, mpg's, etc.? Do folders/filenames have meaningful names? ie. 'MOTION-CAM1-MMDDYYYY-HHMMSS'
  10. So the M12 has auto-focus capability similar to the newer Panasonic cams (Auto Back Focus)? I really really like the ABF feature. Just mount the Pano cam, access the setup menu remotely and do the ABF thing, and it focuses for you. I am thinking of an M12 on the outside of my garage (top center front). The main reason is that I could then run a simple single CAT5 cable to it via the conduit I have already underground. Does it have a built-in heater? Also, how would the M12 compare to my Panasonic CW484, CP484, and CL934 cams overall, lux wise, etc.? I would hate to sell them (including my HD316 DVR) to fund an M12 (or perhaps V12) or two and not be happy.
  11. What about the G4-8RTA-D1 vs the Panasonic WJ-HD316? Does anyone even use the HD316 anymore? I have the HD316 but not tried it out live yet. Just wondering if I should upgrade to something more modern. I have all Pano cams and also a Pano Data MUX to control Pano cams and access the setup menus. I would prefer a hyrbid DVR, in case I want to try out some IP cams.
  12. Do you have to manually adjust the focus on the lenses of IP cams?
  13. How would something like the G4-8RTA-D1 DVR compare to Panasonic's DVR lineup. ie WJ-RT416 (MPEG-4)? Since I already have a Panasonic WJ-MP204C Data MUX (to control/access Pano cams), I am wondering if I should start trying other non-Panasonic DVR solutions. This is all for residential use, but I have expensive tastes, even if I have to save up to buy something (usually used though).
  14. ok, one thing I noticed is that the HD216 has a 720x480 max setting, whereas the RT416 only has 704x240? Another is MPEG4 vs whatever the compression is on the HD316