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  1. warner

    Which Manufacturer

    I have used several systems and I am certified in CasiRusco Lenel Softwarehouse DSX Keyscan and others. They all have there place in the market one thing to consider is the health of the company will they be around next year. Our industry is constantly evolving Lenel was purchased last week for 400 mil by United Technoligies they own Chubb in Canada (its a huge security company world wide but not in the states) I dont about the UK so if they are a competitor you might not want to support them. If you buy Softwarhouse you support ADT and so on For larger projects Lenel is a good product expensive but good. Keyscan is a great product availble to you over there. Keyscan is privatly held so no affiliations also they only do Card Access. Keyscan will be announcing shortly full integration with Pelco soon probably waiting for the ISC show. My best advice is go to a good trade show and talk with the reps get hands on with it and remember www.keyscan.ca Happy hunting
  2. warner

    Access and Alarm

    Rory what does the client want in the features? if its just key control there are several options. As for Keyscan I know the system well and it is a great product and is flexible if you need help getting it let me know (the owner is a friend) remember the keypad must have a wiegand output most are 26 bit so not the most secure but from what i read this will work and you can tie the two systems together keyscan has a monitoring module. www.keyscan.ca I am answering this a bit late but I hope it helps ps the Bahamas need any help
  3. warner

    Multiple PTZ Dome

    How to put several PTZ's on a DVR? if you provide more information it would help. DVR's are a storage medium like a VCR I know some DVR's can control PTZ's but for now leave it out till you answer all your other considerations. Integrated Dome Camera systems things to consider. (1) Transmission Type There are a few options here COAX,Fiber,Microwave,RF and twisted pair are all possible solution. Remember that bi directional communication is needed you must be able to send and recieve data. Each type has its pros and cons. If this system is in Malaysia consider fiber or Wireless (Lightning) at the very least surge protect your system (2) configuration If you have allready installed the cameras or are upgrading to PTZ's you can Daisy chain addressable cameras meaning one wire going from the controller to the first camera and then from that one to the next and so on. If it is a new installation its best to run comminication directly to each camera especialy over a larger system. Grounding issues and a break in coms early in the chain means coms loss to several cameras instead of just one. (3) equipment There are several good quality manufacturers choose one of the bigger ones that can support you in Malaysia. This is a start please take the time to explain what you are hoping to accomplish with this system and some site information and i can be mor specific. Good Luck