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  1. I have 2 altronic altv244 24vac supplies. I have 4 speco 7705-dnv cameras attached to each supply. This system was installed several years ago, however I have no knowledge of when they failed or what service was done to them. I don't have much background in cctv, but I have to determine if these cameras are defective. I get no image, just noise on the monitor from all cameras. These are IR cameras. In near complete darkness I can see red from the led's of only one camera. The rest are dark. The 24ac supply reads 27.6vac to 27.7vac at the cameras. This seems high since the cameras are 24vac cameras. The supplies are 24 vac supplies. Is 27.7vac enough to burn out the cameras or are they protected from overvoltage? Is it normal to have a 24vac supply output this high? These supplies can not switched to 28vac, so I know they are 24vac supplies. Your help greatly appreciated Thanks
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    Camera - Power Supply Problem

    Thanks for your input. From what I have read, it doesn't sound like the supply. I have tested two and they are DOA. Hope the others fair better. BTW These two system do have any surge or spike protection and no ups. We have lots brown outs and power failures, so I thought this might be the cause. Once I get it up and running I want to add some protection. Is there anything you would recommend.