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    newbie here...

    Welcome !
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    Hi to all...!!!!

    Welcome!! Kalpesh N Mumbai India
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    Best switches for IP cameras

    Small Jobs (upt0 20 cams) --> Linksys/Netgear/Dlink 10/100 switches Mid size jobs (20-60 cams)--> 3com/HP/CISCO 100 switches Big jobs ---> 3com/HP/CISCO 1000 switches 3com 2600 / 2900 series / HP 2500 series are best good for CCTV. Layer 3 switches have hardly any advantage in the solution Pls. avoid using unmanaged switches
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    Nice to see you here Kalpesh N Ingram Mumbai India
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    New Axis products

    Cool!! Releasing in Q4, 2009 - Kalpesh
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    hi, thisis Arindam from india

    Welcome!! Nice to see you here - Kalpesh Ingram Mumbai India
  7. My AXIS camera supports only one MPEG-4 stream & multiple MJPEG streams. we have convert this solution with "Dual MPEG-4" (i.e. both Live & Record in MPEG-4 with diffrent settings) what needs to be done? any sugessions?? does the same can be done at VMS software end?? - Kalpesh
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    Video over 240v mains????????

    Just Checked such Powerline line Ethernet Adopter manufactured by PowerMax Technologies LLC JADOO-85-W model ( must be some china product) with AXIS Camera, Worked fine. Mains here is 230 V but I m not sure if same performace will be achived if multiple units connected, here also negligible delay was occured. - Kalpesh Mumbai India
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    My Speed Dome Trouble

    Hey Rain!!! Welcome to the forum! this is very old case yaar...by the time laive must have solved the threat. Keep posting! Kalp.
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    3vr? ever hear of these guys

    Hi, is serching info on this brand. there web site contains so many video demos. anyone pursuing or have used any analytics package now??? - Kalpesh
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    new enterant into the industry

    Welcome Dost!!! Me from Mumbai. I m x-ZICOM , x-Siemens (DATS) & now working for AXIS IP solutions @ Ingram micro Nice to see you here. so you do (only) consultancy work for CCTV?? Kalpesh
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    Hi everyone ! CCTV Installer from INDIA

    Welcome Dost!! Nice to see you here. me based out of mumbai. What about you?? where u work for?? - Kalpesh
  13. Hi !!! is migrated from analog sytems to IP now. But is new for networking. While designing Networks, IT poeple typically suggest Web managed switches , support of SMTP , VPN , IEEE 802.1x , IGMP , Supports standard Management Information Bases I can understand all these filtering & above mentioned protocols are useful for desktops since user there do lot of fuctions (read/ write ) over network....hence tracking there activity is important. While camera streams videos. IP cameras have QoS for applying the security policies... thus security required can be implemented at camera end. So far web managed switches are concern, if we have only 1 switch of typically 24/48 port , cann't we go for unmanaged switching?? question here is being a standalone network (dedicated for CCTV) with typically 30-40 camera sites , all these security at network level is real ly required?? any suggesstions on this is appreciated. regards, Kalpesh
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    new member Sweden

    Welcome to the fuzzy world !! - Kalpesh Mumbai India