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    cat 5 cctv cable

    ya it certainly depends on what power is trnsfered tohro cables....if it is 110V someting ( Mains power) certainly not recomanded ...will spoil your image....ang some how if cable breaks .......system may burn!!!!
  2. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Long range RFID product

    so thats why you have mask on your face!! ha ha ha
  3. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Access and CCTV integration

    you guys are just talking about CCTV & ACS and related labour work ?? here is in india case is more interesting !! i started my carrier in 2001... started with Intuder alarm... since others systems was not so seriously taken by clients in india....gradually CCTV boomed with that WTC threat ... then Access control ... , Fire alarm , all comes my way.... Today I do tech support for IDS,ACS,CCTV,PA system, Fire Alrm, some part of BMS , Aspiration systems , Gas suppressions , etc. etc... and that is with atleat 10-15 brands each!!!! so i did from locksmithy to high end IP based system commissiong altogether!!!!! Cheers!!! Kalpesh
  4. kalpesh_nikumbh

    Bosch Access Control

    by the time it's almost 1 n half yrs now.... but seems useful question today.... In india , we are using Bosch Access Contollers ( IP based AMC ) controller.. there result is very good !! works fine in standby condition also.........with data/event push technology......... they are difficult to understand for the first time...as who Bosch systems generally are!!! the software is very complex to installed...........welll is soutable for huge systems.... ( not for 4-5 door systems) But the report generation is quite cumersum.......... Since it's web based...you will have to write your own scripting for even small small requrements!!!
  5. kalpesh_nikumbh

    FREE NVR/DVR software?

    Ya!! NUUO is good!! I tested it!!! & supports all major manufacturares ip cameras like AXIS , Panasonic ,soni etc...
  6. kalpesh_nikumbh

    CCTV Customers want Access Control

    in which part of the world u belongs to?? depending on that you have to check the product availablity... In india i used Keri, bosch , card-ax, pegasus , HID , Honeywell & several other local manufactured products.... personally i fill card-ax is the very consistant product and eazy to installed...but should be desinged properly since it's a licence based system.. Honeywell products must be available in your area you can go with them also... Bosch is very expensive and not soutable for such small installtion... regards, Kalpesh nikumbh India
  7. kalpesh_nikumbh

    IP dome camera PTZ connection problem

    your proble is solved by the time??? does it show's video loss during the switch over between preset positions?? may be due to that the connectivity is affecting and you r not able to connect ..hence could not control.... some cameras could not restores the control even small videoloss occurs!!! Regards, Kalpesh Nikumbh
  8. kalpesh_nikumbh

    FREE NVR/DVR software?

    Free S/w s are not available since it cost to develope them.....but trial versions are definitly available on net.. you can use them for 30 days!! then again you have to install in another PC...