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  1. the disk doesn't have the OS because you can start the dvr without a disk and it still works without recording of course... And i have searched for software reading linux disk format under windows , but it still doesn't wanna work... I guess i will have to persuade my client to connect it with USB with a computer and next time choose another company Thanks in anyway for your (fast) replies
  2. This dvr is probably AVTECH as i saw from a reseller. But i don't have the software of DVR to connect it with local computer even with a USB. The Reseller in Greece i talker with said they don't import any more the dvr so they can't give me a cd copy... in manuall it says its model 3554-3554V but even in google search i can't find it anywhere..
  3. I have bought this dvr http://www.smart-tech.com.gr/details2.php?lang=1&wh=1&theid=9&thepid=405&page=1 and i installed it in a customer's ambulance. The problem which i face is this. This DVR has a hard disk which records data that you can take it out, in a tray.My customer has asked me to be able to put the tray off in the dvr and connect it with his desktop computer under Windows XP and see the history. BUT the disk is not written in any of all known formats FAT32/FAT/NTFS/Linux ext3/ext3.When i connect it to my computer it says Disk not formated. Does anyone recognize this mobile DVR - brand ? Has anyone faced and solved a problem like this ? PS1. Yes i have contacted with company i bought it - They can't help me. PS2. The Dvr has a usb that you can connect it to laptop (under Windows) and u can via software take backup from your files but my client wants to be able to take out the disk-tray, install the second one he will have, and read the first one in his desktop computer. Hope i was detailed enough - Forgive me for my bad English
  4. I have the same problem with recording-stops. I don't think so that its a pirated card either. When i used the card without sounds (in same customer) it was working great. Now it makes "pauses" in recording and other times it makes something like a spider-net in some cameras during record...
  5. Did you finally found a solution to your problem , coz i'm experiencing the same problem with the same brand-motherboard Thank u
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