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  1. I've thought the same thing Shock. While the all in one systems are great right now for the DIY. Professional installers and low budget installers (like myself) i don't think it fits our bill. I've recently started carrying AVTech. Their equipment fits my bill and what i'm looking to offer and i can mix and match instead off the all in one package.As you know,the same camera just doesn't always fit the location it's going in.So i build the system around the project. Right now i'm testing out the new AVTech AVN813. I tried this cam looking out a window like a customer might want to and it worked, but it would need an external trigger to accurately detect motion from inside. Now i've got it mounted inside the room and it works 100% just like Buell noted on his blog. Cube cams are becoming more popular for indoor coverage of pets, kids, etc. Next i'll be testing the AVM542A, their only exterior dome cam.
  2. I'm going to agree with Sector.I know you want to install cctv, but i would first try to spend that money on a liquor management system. The systems nowadays tie into your cctv/pos so it would really be an all in one system. Check out Barvision..
  3. What they did for their outdoor poe cams is place the push software into the nvr such as the AVH304 and the AVH800A6 instead of the cam. So you can purchase their E.T.S. line of outdoor cams without having to purchase their push indoor cams and still utilize the P.U.S.H technology. The push indoor line i feel is more geared toward the homeowner plug and play side of things (baby monitor, kid monitor, dog watcher).
  4. Setup my AVtech AVN813 to send e-mails. It sends them to my yahoo mail. When i go to open it,it says," If you see this then your email client is not mime/MHTML compliant. How do i fix this?
  5. I can view the e- mail videos on my computer since i downloaded the AVtech specific video player. Now have to see if i can do the same on my iphone.
  6. If i open my email on my regular laptop or desktop it's fine.If i try to open it on my iphone, thats where it says it's not compliant.
  7. My supplier is shipping me the AVN813 so i'm gonna put it thru the test to see if i like it..
  8. You can log in and view the cam anytime.It will only start recording when motion is detected.
  9. If you can,the best way is to wire in outdoor pir/motion detectors and use those to trigger your recording instead of using the camera motion.
  10. Looks like there is something on the lens.
  11. The mad rush effect always works in retail!!
  12. Well they suck!!! What if you where on a job site.They would seriously want you to waste time shipping cams back when you can just update them on site.
  13. I've chosen to go with Avtech.Check out their ip cams then just goggle the model you like. A few models have onboard SD storage plus their Push Technology..
  14. I've been going over all this in my head to see what would be easier on me and the client. This is why i've chosen to go with AVTECH. I've been blessed to have been offered an account from my local supplier to start moving the AVTECH products.I'm going to be sampling some cameras soon to see just how effective their PUSH software is.I will keep you guys posted.It seems like with some of these other camera manufacturers with their software you really have to jump thru hoops to get it to do what you want instead of an easy integration process.Too bad Scorpion still isn't around. I know he's dealt with the AVTECH line for a long time now.
  15. That is one of the problems without setting up proper ir if you need it. If i use ir built into the cam, i prefer smart/intelligent ir..
  16. I looked at their site and noticed this model http://www.axtontech.com/at-6e-megapixel-ip-infrared-illuminator-850-nm/ I like the fact that it's poe!!
  17. Are you planning on having the AVTECH looking out a window as it's not designed for an exterior install.
  18. blake

    Best Cameras?

    Look at the new AVTECH AVN813.. They don't offer poe so it gets power via a wall plug in, but it's wireless with their new PUSH Technology.
  19. blake

    PAL ot NTSC

    There is still a difference that i know of.
  20. blake

    Make me an offer

    You're offering a great deal.I just think here, more folks are investing in the ip side of the house just due to the fact of ip cam prices have really become reasonable.
  21. blake

    PAL ot NTSC

    NTSC for north and south U.S. PAL for overseas.
  22. blake

    Questions mostly about NVR and PTZ options

    You can do a 16 channel nvr linked to a 4 channel nvr and get your 20 channels.The customer won't know the difference as they should never mess with the equipment.That's what your contract is for.As long as they can view all 20 channels, they should be fine. Depending on the location, select your cameras based on where they are going (bullet or dome) and what they need to see (lenses and megapixels). From there that will give you your nvr requirements along with your poe and nework requirements.
  23. If possible why not run an hdmi cable off of the dvr/nvr to an hdmi splitter then to the two tv's.Then all the customer would need to do is hit the input button on the remote.