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  1. land

    camera engineer

    You can refer to below sensitivity characterristics: ICX409AK, SuperHADCCD, typical 950mV ICX259AK, ExviewHADCCD, typical 1100mV ICX639AK, SuperHAD-IICCD, typical 2250mV So, it seems that ICX638AK or ICX639AK should be better perfermance in low lux light. For your requierment, there should be some camera model based on this CCD chip. But you'd test for details by yourself. Thanks.
  2. land

    camera engineer

    I'm a security camera engineer. My work is design and finetune CCD camera. My Sharp and Sony CCD camera models have been in mass production. Hope to exchange with you on thchnical issues. Regards, L.X