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  1. scottj

    siren alarm speaker outside to scare them away

    Using Collins configuration recommendation would be the easiest, although consider adding perimeter beams that trip the audible prior to the Geo system. Even some really quality Motion Detectors that can be tweaked to create a invisible perimeter would work. Once it trips then the audible sounds. If you use the schedule, just use the I/O schedule for this created event pattern so that it can be controlled by business hours unless the customer wishes it to run 24/7. If you used just motion detection without added input devices it will sound like a Kennel. Scottj
  2. scottj

    Playing Back Multiple DVR Systems Logs

    Purchase Control Center (dongle) and you can import selected cameras from multiple IP locations (DVR at each location) into a single database for viewing the Audio/Video files exactly as you wish. For example if you wanted just the front lot camera from each location to be classified as a folder, you can pull just those database files into Control Center for easy access and viewing without the headaches of RPB. Scottj
  3. scottj

    problems with picture resolution on GV-650

    get rid of the onboard graphics
  4. The BIOS "Full ON" setting will work fine if the power is lost for a period of 3 or more seconds (depending on your power supply discharge timing). Typically a brown out poer loss is just for a fraction of a second, so the power supply in the DVR does not have enough power loss time to discharge the capacitor inside, thus it will not restart automatically. The eliminate these potential losses during a brown out, add a small UPS to the unit and you wil be fine. Scottj
  5. scottj

    All Geo Software versions and features

    See the Version History section on the Geo website. Scottj
  6. scottj

    Geovison POS Integration

    Connecting various POS systems to the Geo unit is not quite as easy and elementary as Geo makes it seem. First of all, many systems are not directly supported, especially when using the GV-Capture modules. The problem is that many POS systems do not disclose their own pin-out for capturing/intercepting the text data, nor the format for which the text is in. You can pretty much bet that if the POS system is using an Epson printer, it will be supported though. Scottj
  7. scottj

    Geo Keyboard

    Yes the GV-Keyboard comes with it's own power supply, or it can be used via USB connection to the DVR. It strictly depends on how you wish to connect it and where it will be located in reference to the DVR. As for pricing, you will want to contact a local dealer. Scottj
  8. scottj

    GeoVision Tutorial

    Have them use the User's Manual that comes with the CD. Scott
  9. You either need a GPRS modem, or you can use one of many services on the web which will do the same thing. Some people setup the DVR to alert through email, then everytime an email alert is triggered it will notify the 3rd party service provider to forward a Short Message to your mobile phone. Do a search on Google and you should find these. I think www.ipipi.com is one. The GPRS modems are not cheap, and a little overkill for a small deployment. You see them more on a large corporate scale typically. Scottj
  10. You need to setup an SMS server in order to use that function. Scottj
  11. scottj

    GeoVision Linux Drivers

    No Linux
  12. Your VGA card only supports up to DirectX 8.1 for starters, the combo cards work significantly better using 9.0. Another scenerio is when using the combo card with version 8.0 and enabling the DSP Spot Monitor the DirectDraw Overlay is disabled at the DVR display. In otherwords, you will see a much lower quality image at the DVR through the VGA/DVI monitor. I would highly recommend using an ATI 9250 or better since you are using AGP type VGA cards in your system. Go the the ATI website and download the latest Catalyst Control Center drivers and configure the De-Interlace Rendering option to be set for "Automatic" versus "Weave". You will see a huge improvement. Scottj
  13. scottj

    Cyber dome

    Look at the KTD-312 module. Scottj
  14. scottj

    Severe weather

    just a little wind and rain, nothing to worry about. The areas that were smashed up pretty good were the trailer parks, and the rule of thumb is that storms like trailer parks. Scottj
  15. scottj

    Remote webcam unusual error Geovision 7.0.5

    try removing the OCX downloaded files from the Windows directory along with the registry entry for the DMMultiview files. Reboot your PC and then try logging in again. Scottj