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  1. tpolus

    GV2008 (x2) or GV1480

    Should be around 20 days. GV-2008 capture around 1 GB per camera per hour.
  2. tpolus

    GV2008 (x2) or GV1480

    Geovision support claims they USE all 4 cores for H.264 V2 encoding, it's just you need to enable this advanced feature for each camera.
  3. tpolus

    Geo 8.2 support of megapixel cams..

    Geovision supports full mpix resolutions. That's verified.
  4. tpolus

    GV250 and IP cameras

    Geovision Support says GV250 will not work with IP cameras.... Is that true, can any of you guys verify this? PS. I know GV250 is obsolete, but hundreds of customers bought them thinking they will get IP cameras support in future...
  5. tpolus

    GV2008 (x2) or GV1480

    With GV-2008 you cannot choose resolution 640x480, only 720x576 PAL D1 or 720x480 NTSC D1. GV-2008 card does 400 fps at D1. It's really like DVD quality.
  6. tpolus

    GV2008 (x2) or GV1480

    Unfortunately, GV-1480 PCI-Ex includes only PCI-PCIEx bridge, other components are the same. We have tested PCI-Ex - performance is the same as PCI, which is 480 fps CIF, ~200 fps D1. GV-2008 rocks, but it needs lots of HDD space.
  7. tpolus

    8.11 main system software does not install

    Email me for a solution.
  8. tpolus

    Dual View GV1480

    Install MultiView to connect to localhost (Geo Web Server). Run DMPos.exe from C:\GVxxx folder and setup Multicam on the monitor1 and Multiview on monitor2. Then run Multicam (C:\GVxxx\GVxxx.exe, should appear on monitor1), make sure Web Server is running too. Run MultiView (should appear on monitor2) and connect to localhost. 2nd option is to buy GV-Combo card and connect CCTV monitor to a TV-OUT DVR card connector.
  9. tpolus

    SimpleVue Geo - Basic Remote Viewer

    Rory, is there any way to view GeoWebServer video streams or snapshots without using ActiveX. I mean things like JScript, VBS, ASP, PHP to make it more accesible for public.
  10. tpolus

    Geovision - Support IP Cameras yet?

    Hi! Yes the GV WEB SERVER has 1 Cat5/LAN/WAN port for networking. It also have 2 USB ports, but if it will work with wireless USB adapters I am not sure, but think so -just a config challenge I think. Yes it is made for having a external USB HDD for local storage, the HDD must be formated to LINUX so you can not just use it with for instance Windows. In other words the USB HDD will be "locked" to the GV WEB SERVER or another Linux system. JD It's not locked. Geovision recommends using Ext2IFS for Windows: http://www.fs-driver.org/ and it really works, but you need to hit "Remove" button before disconnecting USB HDD from video server. Otherwise it will dismount improperly.
  11. tpolus

    black picture in geo vision

    About 10% of cards imported to Poland are broken out of the box. We are sending them back to Taiwan for RMA service.
  12. tpolus

    Geovision - Support IP Cameras yet?

    Come on guys, just send them your opinion to support@geovision.com.tw - the more people ask for ACTi support, the higher chance we get it. I asked them twice - no result.
  13. tpolus

    black picture in geo vision

    I've seen it many times when the card was broken. Try to replace it.
  14. tpolus

    Geovision - Support IP Cameras yet?

    Nope, I asked them to support ACTi cameras - they rejected. They will support Axis, IQinVision, Sony, Mobotix, Panasonic. Here is the list of beta tested models: AXIS_206 AXIS_207MW AXIS_207/AXIS_207W AXIS_210 AXIS_211 AXIS_211A AXIS_212 AXIS_213 AXIS_214 AXIS_216FD/AXIS_216FDV AXIS_221 AXIS_223M AXIS_225 AXIS_231D AXIS_232D SONY_SNC_CS10 SONY_SNC_CS11 SONY_SNC_CS50N SONY_SNC_DF40N SONY_SNC_DF50N SONY_SNC_DF70N SONY_SNC_DF80N SONY_SNC_P1 SONY_SNC_P5 SONY_SNC_RZ25N SONY_SNC_RZ50N SONY_SNC_RX550N IQEye_301 IQEye_302 IQEye_510 IQEye_511 IQEye_701 IQEye_702 Panasonic_BB_HCE481A Panasonic_BB_HCM110 Panasonic_BB_HCM311 Panasonic_BB_HCM331 Panasonic_BB_HCM371 Panasonic_BB_HCM381 Panasonic_BB_HCM403 Panasonic_BL Mobotix_M12
  15. tpolus


    Are you from Poland?