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  1. This dvr works fine with remote access via Internet Explorer, but I am wondering is there any way, other than using Xp/Vista to view with my apple macbook pro. Can it be got to work with Safari/Camino Firefox etc. or is there any way to emulate IE in these browsers, or is there any firmware for the EB1304 Net to use. It is rather inconvenient to have to boot winows on my mac in order to view my dvr, or is there any easier way. Thanks.
  2. I can't get my eb1304 net to respond to the remote control. i.e the infra red remote supplied with it. It was working, but after I had been "playing" in the menu's it stopped. I put new batteries in it, and i can see from my ir camera that the remote is outputting ir. Is there a menu to disable the remote, or can I reset the 1304. I can log into the dvr, can update the firmware, but I can't use the physical remote.
  3. Zimmerframe

    EB1304 NET Router incompatibility?

    Does anyone know how to remotely access this dvr without having internet explorer i.e any other browser.