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  1. Potlvr420

    8.2 PTZ control in msview?

    HEy guys im running 8.2 gv800 with pelco-d ptz it works fine but wont do auto tour and stuff but does manually let me move from any computer but in msview how do i setup ptz?
  2. Yes Rory its like VPN only better. Networking Adminstrator turned me on to it. If you play around with it you will see its potential. Its very secure and you can setup several different networks and used in conjunction with RDM or vnc is very secure as if you dont port forward in router only way to access is with Hamachi ip. No i wasnt volunteering to take over any of your alls machines or nothing crazy like that. Thats pretty ridiculous to think that. I just wanted to share little helpfull info with you all but as allways someone takes info wrong way and wants to start bashing. If ppl pay us to install alarms and cameras i believe they should trust us to maintain their servers etc.. We only put this on camera only servers.
  3. Ok people heres a little special info for all you ppl remote viewing etc. If you use Hamachi on your server and on client machine you never have to worry about port forwarding etc... No dyndns or no-ip either. Hamachi is a tunneling networking program that takes your i-net connections and acts like your private lan.. We setup all our servers with it and with vnc we fix 90 percent of problems from office.. Even when idiots reset routers and cant figure out why remote viewing doesnt work.. We vnc into their Hamachi ip. Then log into their router and fix the problems. Anyway its FREE and an awsome little utility that im sure some of you all will enjoy. Just google search for it and you will find it. So easy and simple to setup and gets around all router problems.
  4. Potlvr420

    Class Action Lawsuit Against Geovision?

    [Consider this a warning. Posting in favor of piracy is not allowed under the forum rules. -Thomas]
  5. Ok ive read on other sites about class action against Geovision? Would like your alls opinion on this. Geovision promised lifetime upgrades and now they want you to send your old cards in and a fee for new cards to be able to update. I believe this is unfair and ridiculous. This doesnt help control piracy. Ill bet money within this month there will be fake Geovision cards running 8.0 software on ebay soon. I believe this is a bad business desision on Geovisions part allthough there is a clone problem now adays but this isnt the way to curb this. Let me here your input on this. I dont condone fake cards by no means but believe this is wrong.
  6. Potlvr420

    GV800 missing motion from main viewing screen

    I had this same problem last night after upgrading to gv800. Problem onboard video.. Added another video card and all is well. Bye Bye Magic Radar Card
  7. Potlvr420

    Demo a Geo..

    Use a usb to pci box and do it that away if you want the whole deal
  8. Guys unfornuately most of our client database isnt very smart in computers. Im looking for a utility that they could click on and it would auto change the axtivex settings in i-explorer so their remote pc will download the activex plugins. Ive looked on geovision pages and havent saw anything. Its just kinda hard to try to explain to them how to manually change settings. Like a batch file of some sort. Anyone know of such a thing?
  9. Potlvr420

    koditec cards firmware?

    I believe we are just screwed. No way to upgrade the chip as far as i know even though i have a chip programmer
  10. Any way to upgrade firmware on these cards? im only able to run 2.50.16. I have a chip programmer but not found much info on this
  11. I believe anykeeper software or kd-net software will work with these cards. I use kd-net for mine and it works ok except with router i cant connect with just i explorer . Remote view works fine with software though
  12. Potlvr420

    Magic Radar

    Only problem ive had with magicradar is if a router is hooked up the inet viewer doesnt work ive tried dmz forwarding ports still no go but the remote software works fine with router.
  13. Potlvr420

    Donglin Along...

    Damn our distrubutor says Geo havent sent them the dongles yet and they on backorder we have several out we wanted to get
  14. Potlvr420

    New GeoVision GUI coming very soon....Finally

    You can d/l 7.0 from several site but i got keypro error on cards i tried on so i must need the dongle or use hasp emulator. Any try Yahoo search for Geovision 7.0 download and you will find it
  15. Potlvr420

    itermitten snow

    Did you recently update the Geovision Software?