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  1. bwa

    Mobile DVR

    there are many users, who are happy with KIA Sorento - e.g. Andre Agassi... however some users still buy ML from Mercedes or X5 from BMW...
  2. ...and it is depended from the video compression... sometimes "low" means "1Mbps", sometimes "high" means "256Kbps"...
  3. hi all, just try it out: http://www.direx-pro.com/ ID/password: 'test'/'test' Firefox works w/o additional DLL - you will get approx. 1 frame per 2 seconds and probably in poor quality (because push JPEG service) instead of 10-15 FPS with IE and our plugin, but it works: http://direx-pro.dyndns.org PS: please use 'Alt' + 'Cntr' + 'Del' (task manager) to display the network traffic...
  4. bwa

    ISC West 2006

    I will visit the show / Vegas...
  5. bwa

    Remote viewing DVR through DSL

    But IE and FireFox support in different kind cgi-scripts and applets, therefore we had to make decision - IE looks like most popular and market stable browser.Although by using FireFox you will get a picture (push JPEG service - approx. 1 frame / 2sec instead 11-20fps via IE plug-in) but not full control functionality.
  6. bwa

    Remote viewing DVR through DSL

    our NTSC equipment is available via UDT: http://www.bwa-technology.de/en/main/news.html
  7. bwa

    Mobile DVR

    our NTSC equipment is available via UDT: [edited: please no links back to personal sites]
  8. bwa

    Mobile DVR

    Our company offers a special automotive DVR - DiREX-Pro.A30: [link edited] This small non-PC based DVR provides embedded web server and is accessible via any TCP/IP connection. It realizes the best video compression/quality ration (approx. 1-150kbps) available today and therefore is also perfect suitable for 3G/UMTS/GPRS (e.g. for emergency connection) or WLAN (e.g. revise needed data after vehicle returned) remote access. Under following URL it is possible to check the video quality and test necessary bandwidth: http://www.direx-pro.com For access to recorded data please use ID/password: "test"/"test"
  9. hi! just try folliwing URL (password/ID: "test"/"test") www.direx-pro.com
  10. hi, if you looking not for real time only, but local (distributed) recording and time-shifted download also - any from our DiREX-Pro.xx DVRs: http://www.bwatech.com/en/main/products.html
  11. bwa

    Remote viewing DVR through DSL

    hi, now we switch from DVD to DVB-T transmission: http://direx-pro.dyndns.org/
  12. new MSN viewing/export (AVI) software and an example of MP4 video in Sony PSPâ„¢ compatible format are available: http://www.bwa-technology.de/en/main/news.html http://www.bwa-technology.de/download/direx_pro/msn_player_fc205.zip http://www.bwa-technology.de/download/direx_pro/dpro_a20_psp.zip
  13. bwa

    portable / mobile DVR

    our DiREX-Pro.A30 can be a smart solution for you:- operation temperature range: -20...+65°C; - temperature gradient: 60° /hour; - high vibration stability... http://www.bwa-technology.de/download/direx_pro/dpro.40&a30.pdf UK availability by VT: http://www.videortechnical.de/system/web/en/products/productSubgroup.php?area=SD&group=A70&subgroup=A7060
  14. bwa

    DVR'S in the UK

    the huge assortment and "state of the art" distibution: http://www.videortechnical.com/system/web/en/products/productArea.php?area=SD
  15. bwa

    Remote viewing DVR through DSL

    Hey Guys, PLEASE DON'T DEACTIVATE RECORDING - the "REC" button must be red. In this case the video server will be deactivated as well! This feature is useful for download speed-up. PS: by the way - after REC deactivation in about 1 hour it will be automatically activated...]