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  1. It seems the unit is out of warranty. The DVR boots but it says "HDD INSTALLATION FAILURE". Does anyone know the procedure to replace the drive?
  2. Thats a good point, I'll have to check the warranty on this unit, its a few years old though. If it's under warranty theres no point in taking my time to fix. If its out of warranty, and a simple hard-drive swap will fix it, I'll do that. Otherwise it will be back to GE for an RMA. I don't have the time for a many stepped procedure on replacing the OS, if its on the drive. Of course using a larger drive would be nice (it's a single Seagate 160gb) the customer stated he is satisfied with the recording capacity as is.
  3. I have a 4 channel Digia with 160gb drive that won't boot. As a matter of fact the only thing that happens is the red power light comes on , nothing else. I beleive the HD dies. Are the drives replaceable or does this need to go back to GE?
  4. CSG

    Ground loop

    That's an interesting idea. I have 8 24vAC Sony box cams and 8 12vdc Speco Bullets, the bullets now have a ground loop that I haven't been able to get rid of, and I'm pulling my hair. The 24v AC cams are fine. And I have my scissorlift plugged into the same outlet!!!! Can't wait until Thursday to unplug that sucker. [i have one at a large store here that every few days a few camera's start looking like hell....obviously induced noise. Turned out to be the charging unit for the sissor lift................main power line was running along side a few camera lines and when they plugged it in that created more current pull on that line which induced GL.......very strange but real.
  5. CSG

    Removeable Case Fan Filters?

    there are a few things you can try if you wanna make your own: As already suggested, a air conditioning filter (like for a house), can be picked up for a few dollars and cut to fit. There are the foam type and the fiberglass type. I have used this on some harddrive enclosures before. You can also try a coarse scotch-brite pad, floor buffing pad, or whatever else is handy, and cut to fit.
  6. CSG

    RJ-45 Cat5 Crimping

    I saw those EZ connectors from a google search, I think I'll give them a try. I just wasted a lot of time making a crossover cable the old fashion way.
  7. Does anyone have a better mousetrap for crimping RJ-45 plugs? This is one of my least favorite jobs, between untwisting the 8 wires, getting the wires in the proper order, cutting them to proper length, and inserting them into the RJ45 plug without disturbing them for crimping is such a hassle.
  8. CSG

    My business partner was held up in his home

    i dont know one can outdraw an adversary while they have a bead on you already, doesn't sound like good odds.
  9. CSG

    My business partner was held up in his home

    ankle holsters leave alot to be desired. it's like excuse me mr. robber while i go hide somewhere to pull my pant leg up and draw my gun. can't draw on the run either, and they're uncomfortable too.
  10. kinda like using a piece of plywood betweent the mount and a metal building LOL
  11. CSG

    Why can't I read this license plate?

    how about a phone cam aimed through binoculars for license plate capture model xz1 specs 432.6 tvl with Sony chip
  12. Too bad they don't have a demo site setup. Arm's website is pretty sparse of any useful information on their equipment.
  13. The drives are very small. They are ok for demo use, but for an actual install I don't think its worth it. Also hope the seller has a return policy in case the DVR starts acting weird, otherwise the repair costs + purchase price may equal a new unit. good luck
  14. CSG

    Tractor Trailer Coverts

    You could hide a mobile DVR in an environmetal enclosure under the trailer, and maybe place board cams in the rear taillights.